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There is no religion higher than truth.

There is no religion higher than truth.
-Motto of the Theosophical Society

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was a Russian mystic who helped found the Theosophical Society in 1875. It is quite an interesting group, as anyone who has studied it or the works of its adherants can attest. Theosophy literally means "Divine Knowledge" (theos, sophia). The group is characterized by a sort of experiential attitude towards religion, an unwillingness to settle for falsehood, and encouraging 'free and fearless investigation' they are some of the most genuine seekers of personal revelation that I am aware of.

There is certain kinship or high-level compatibility I detect in her message and that of the early Latter-day Saints, and I sort of feel that "There is no religion higher than truth" could also have served very well as a motto for the pioneer Saints.

Is our focus still on personal revelation, seeking and believing truth, and rejecting falsehood, or have we outgrown this agenda? This is as much a personal question, as it is a corporate one.

Are the Latter-day Saints today willing to believe and defend the truth when it becomes known to them, or has our pride and vain glory caused us to swerve from this task?


Mark Butler said...

That is correct, provided one has a correct understanding of the metaphysics of truth, as the term is used in the scriptures.

Without an account of the power of God unto the fulfilling of all his words, no dice.

Lianne said...

You know, I agree with the quote (how could you not?) but truth can be allusive.

In the New Age world it's "all good, everything will be fine" and the God they worship is a fun-loving, forgiving, understanding Papa.

To the LDS we live under the spector of fear that we will sin and be under the judgement of a God who loves us, but expects perfection from us.

Which is truth? I don't know... I know what I profess, but perhaps that is shifting.