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New Comments Feed

I've hacked together a new comments feed mainly so that I can put a real "recent comments" in the sidebar. Blogger doesn't natively support this feature, so if anyone is interested in how I did it, please ask.


Jeff said...

I'm just testing my new comment feed here.

Jeff said...

I just put links to Feedburner feeds for posts and comments in my sidebar as well, so anyone who wants to can subscribe to those. The regular blogger atom feed is still available at the usual place.

Has anyone else dealt with this sort of thing? What do you find to be the easiest setup for people to make use of your feeds?

Jeff said...

It seems like ...

Sometimes blogger was sending the comment message to me in MIME format, and other times in standard email format. So, I have incorporated a mime tranlator into my feed gimmick. This will prevent certain comments from showing up as slightly scrambled.

The odd thing is, these were not dependant upon the person posting, but seem to be random, arbitrary decisions. Maybe certain servers on their Blogger server farm do it that way, and others don't.