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Inspired Gopel of Thomas?

As part of my ongoing experiment in re-creating the environment of the Restoration on a personal level, I have tried my hand, for the first time, at "restoring" scripture: The first part of the Gospel of Thomas. I make no claim to any type of direct revelation or any degree of accuracy here, but I will relate an experience:

As I was working with this, I got to verse 4 and was unable to continue, so I stopped. Out of curiosity, I looked up some other translations of Thomas and, as it turns out, the source text I had been going off of diverged significantly from the others at that point in the text, seemingly not to be reconciled for several verses. I resumed, using the other translations together with the first in order to proceed.

Again, the process being used here is not "translation" by the scholarly measure, but is an attempt at spiritual restoration. It is best not to add this to your personal canon (don't) but I share it for your evaluation:

These are the mysteries given by Jesus, while in the flesh, which he spake unto Thomas who is called Didymus Judas.

1. Said Jesus, Whosoever shall comprehend the true meaning of these things, the same shall live forever in the eternities, which are here around us.

2. Let him who seeks without finding, seek and find. Then he that hath found will be troubled when in contemplation of the Truth, until he hath become Astonished at the Brightness of the Light: For the path of Truth leadeth to Truth, and he that follows upon it will become Elohim, and rule over all of his Creation, but before this time will come he must first drink of the bitter cup and not shrink, for it is necessary to descend below all things in order to rise above all things. Unto him who hath suffered, a blessing is bestowed.

3. If you are told the Eternal Kingdom is above, then it is a kingdom of birds only, and if below, a kingdom of fish only.

Nay, the Eternal Kingdom is here around you, and you are part of it, and it is within you just as you are within it.

The things here around you may be known by that which is within you. And the things which are within you may be known by that which is here around you.

And when you at length come to that Light which was most desired, you will know yourselves. By the use of this key, you will confess that you are the Tabernacles, even the Sons of the Eternal Father and that He and your Mother who is like Him are also in the flesh, and that you are created in like form to Them, and you will know them as they have known you.

But he who does not not know himself will be destitute, having cut himself off from his inheritance, and will be possessed of himself, and he will deny his God, and he will forsake his Parents, and he will worship his Brother, and his Brother will warn him, and he will not listen to the warning and he will become deceived, thinking he has that which he desired.

4. And Jesus said, You must become as little children, and honor thy Father and Mother, for he that curseth Father or Mother: Let him have death. Thou sayest this law is cruel, and I say to thee: This refers to the spiritual death. If this answer grants thee comfort, I say: Do not have it, for which is more severe, the physical death, or the spiritual death? Many of the first will be last, and the last will be first, and they become one. Your minds must be released from the illusion that you have yourself built within them before you can receive instruction in any degree of pure truth.

5. Know first what is in front of your face, and that which is hidden will thereafter be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing buried that will not be raised. The way of the prophets is full of sorrow, and I have comissioned you to be the prophets of this generation: To suffer ridicule, to be reviled, and to endure all manner of accusation and evil speech against you.

6. His disciples asked him, Do you want us to fast, or to pray? Do you want us to give to the poor, or observe a dietary law?

Jesus answered, "Do not lie, and do not what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. Lonely is the way of the prophet, but if he should cause one soul to step to the source of Light, all his lonliness and grief is justified. Great will be his joy in the heavenly realm, and he will represent a great multitude at the seat of the Most High.

7. Blessed be the lion of Judah, which man shall consume, and the lion shall become man. Cursed is Ephraim, the man whom the lion shall consume, yet even so, the man shall become lion.

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