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Scripture Making

In the scriptures it is not always apparent that the writer of the scriptures knew at the time that he was indeed writing scripture. In fact, it seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Are we writing our journals (and blogs?) today in a way that they could become the scriptures of tomorrow? We probably should be. In all of our structure and hierarchy, we may become so comfortable with scripture being something that other people make that we forget to pave the way to make it ourselves. Do you really think the General Authorities words of today that so many consider or assume to be scripture are only derived from sources that they have had or given since their calling to the Apostleship? Hardly. We hear stories from their youth, and people quote writings from earlier in their lives without hesitation, and those too could be considered scripture if they contain truth. In that sense, any of us could be writing scripture every day and not know it. Contemplation of that adds a lot of weight to our words.

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