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Godly Discrimination

I recently read a sentiment over at By Common Consent where someone questioned the use of esoteric knowledge to achieve more effective Prayer, or to be higher on God's pecking order, I quote:
"While this may be the bargain one agrees to or accepts vis-a-vis the temple, it seems to cheapen the efficacy of prayer by the non-learned or non-endowed, or frankly non-member. In effect, prayer isn’t as powerful as it is marketed, but only for those who know the true manner and mode as revealed by esoteric sources. Here we see God layering one more level of discrimination between the “saved” and the infidel."
- Razorfish

Yes, in general, God does discriminate. Why wouldn't he? His discrimination is based on how obedient people are to His commandments and his laws. The people who do what the Holy Ghost prompts them to are more likely to receive future communications from the Holy Ghost. Non-Endowed? It is a gift available to ALL who will submit and become worthy for it. Non-Member? Baptism is a gift available to all!

This discrimination is not a prejudice based on who you are, where you were born, how much money you have, or anything of that manner. It is a holy discrimination based on how faithful and obedient you have been to Father's counsel. To think that God listens to and considers all prayers equally, even the prayers of someone deep in "sin", openly defying his law, and knowing it, would seem absurd to anyone: especially since the types of prayers this type of person may utter are more likely to be asking for things which are against the Will of God. If someone is a relatively "good" person, but are still not faithful in all things, it would only stand to reason that their prayers would match with God's will only so far, and that a person who is true and faithful in all things will pray for those things that God will regularly answer, either because they are His will, or as a blessing for your obedience.

So? If you want effective prayer: Be obedient to God. Listen to God. Ask God in a manner you know he approves of (For example: In the name of Jesus Christ.)

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