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First Attempt at Scrying

On the evening of the fourth day of the month of July, in the year of our Lord twenty hundred and six, I set out to the field with a spade to attempt to uncover the record of which I am in pursuit. (For I am not, as yet, experienced enough in the particulars of treasure hunting to be certain as to its location.)

About ten yards between an old fence and a pond, I broke the earth and began to dig. After becoming exhausted from my labors, I was about determined to abandon the undertaking when I decided to make one last effort. It was about this time when my spade struck on an object made of stone, white in appearance, which was lodged in the ground. I threw the dirt aside and removed the small stone, of which I have here included a depiction. At this point, I handed the spade to my wife, who all the while had been sitting by watching as I toiled over our difficult undertaking. She had located a snake-skin, about twelve inches from the place where we had commenced the dig, and sat it back on the ground, after which, she took up the spade. After digging for a considerable amount of time, and finding nothing, we resolved to retire back to the farm, and taking a few steps noticed a hole in the surface of the ground, about 2 inches wide and 4 in length. Sensing trouble, I told her to stand back as I once again struck the earth with the spade. After following the hole for about six inches, I gave up the search and we returned home, to resume on another day.

Ate potatoes for dinner. Grandma said her leg was hurting, so we tended to it.

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