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Treasure Hunting

Yesterday I read a lot on the subject of treasure hunting, especially using "magic" methods such as dousing and using seer stones. Being a member of a Church whose history is steeped deeply in such practices, they are not something that can be dismissed with a shrug. I've been feeling an urge, or call of some type to return to the very roots of Mormonism, to start with the primitives from which the Restoration developed, and see what happens. I don't know exactly what that means. I've been considering doing a little treasure hunting myself, but I don't know if this is a metaphor or if I should break out the shovel. I have endeavored to spend some time attempting to use the seer stone technique, however, how to select the correct stone, I do not know. I have found a white marble stone that seems to have at least inspiration qualities to it, and using the hat technique, although I cannot see bright words, or any words, I have determined that the Holy Ghost whisper things to me, (and from my intricate theories about the third member of the Godhead, this seems to be a good use of the gift.)

Another way I have been seeking treasure is through Freemasonry, and I am about to take another big step in it by going through the Mark Master degree of York Rite, which will be on the 29th of this month - That's only a week away.

Although I haven't attained the level yet, the body above the Royal Arch Chapter is the Council of Cryptic Masons, and any brief definition of the system will say enough to make one realize that it involves exactly this type of story: Seeking a lost treasure, hid up in the earth. I wonder as I am advanced to that degree, if I will find it to be a prophecy that has already been fulfilled in Mormonism, in a way similar to that of Craft Degrees? I will have to read Joseph's account of acquiring the Book of Mormon plates and review all of his treasure hunting adventures as far as is possible in preparation of this rite so that I am fully able to draw comparisons. It also won't hurt to brush up on this part of history for the purpose of trying to go to the roots, the source of Mormonism and see what I can find. For, what better way to find out about something than go to the source of it?

So far, my theory is thus: Seer stones are useful for finding objects and translating. They solve static problems and puzzles, if you will, and function as a "magical" type item, in contrast to prayer which, when done in truth and in order, seeks the attainment of revelation directly from God and is more useful for finding inquiring to receive new information, special care, guidance, blessings.

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