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Missionary Work

Sometimes Latter-day Gnostics can get a little depressed about the lack of their "type" of people in the "ward family." There are two things we can do to cope with this...

1. Be a lone wolf. Try to avoid socializing with the mainstream, and instead deal with your clique group (if you have one), or go at it spiritually alone. This seems to be what most people do. You can get really creative and interesting this way, and it poses no threat or conflict as long as you keep things to yourself.

2. Do Missionary Work! I'm bringing a Pagan to Church this Sunday, for example. He wears a pentacle neclace and everything. Not only will it be a great missionary opportunity, but it may help other people to grow by making them think outside the Judeo-Christian box. By doing missionary work, we can eventually grow our own group to fellowship with, made out of the people we want to fellowship with.

Which route do you feel more comfortable with, and why?

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