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The Ancient of Days

Dated 1794, this 23.3 x 16.8 cm relief etching with watercolor by William Blake, is located at the British Museum in London.

It is titled "The Ancient of Days" (one of the names of God, as properly understood by people of that time period.)

You'll notice He is depicted with a set of Compasses, with which he is inscribing the heavens (This was possibly a result of a Masonic influence, but I do not know.)

In Daniel chapter 7, the Ancient of Days opens the books of judgment and delivers all dominion and glory unto one like the Son of Man. We should recognize this prophecy for what it is actually depicting: Part of the process of Jesus Christ's exaltation, (with whom we get to be Joint Heirs, if we are true and faithful in all things). It is one of the most beautiful Old Testament prophecies foretelling the work of Jesus Christ.

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