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Multiple Mortal Probations in the Blue Lodge

I often think of theology as it is mystically represented in the Masonic Lodge. We are craftsmen, at work in our labor. Joseph Smith sits in the South as the Junior Warden, Jesus Christ in the West as the Senior Warden, and Father sits in the East as the Worshipful Master. Upon consideration of this, I realized that it is the usual custom of a Lodge, each Masonic year (from St. John's day of one year, to the same on the next - or perhaps more meaningfully, on the Winter Solstice (the Darkest time of year), to have the officers of the Lodge advance up the line of "chairs", the old Junior Warden becoming the new Senior Warden, the old Senior Warden becoming the new Worshipful Master, and the old Worshipful Master becoming a "Past Master."

Could this be symbolic of progression from mortal to being "a Christ" to being "an Adam" of our own planet, and then eventually retiring amongst the wise Elohim?

To me, it is.

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Susie said...

I just wonder in all of this, where Eve, and Emma sit? (or Lillith and Lucinda, if you like)

Although I really like the analogy, I have problems with cosmic orders that forget that women exist :-P