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Topical Guide Confusion

Open up a copy of the LDS standard works, or use the online version. Look up in the Topical Guide, these two sections:

God the Father--Jehovah

Jesus Christ--Jehovah

Notice anything odd? It seems like the contents of these sections are intentionally reversed from what would be expected. Every reference under the "God the Father--Jehovah" section is a reference to Jesus Christ, and every reference under "Jesus Christ--Jehovah" is actually a reference to Heavenly Father. What's up with this reversal? Or does someone out there grasp this division between these verses in a way that I'm missing?


Prof. Wright said...

This is weird.

Anonymous said...

As we come to Know more of 'who' and 'what' we are, the issue of the 'identity' of 'Jesus' and 'Jehovah' might begin to make more sense - which could then include the reality of 'Adam-god' - and ultimately - 'us'. This, then, opens up the door for not only a deeper understanding of 'atonement' and 'sacrifice' - but the 'when', 'who' and 'what' comes into sharper focus.

For the intitial questioning of how can Jesus and Jehovah be a singular identity under the 'guise' of apparently two separate names and indviduals when it SEEMS clear that they are two separate identities (father and son) AND two separate entities altogether - ask yourself if, at root, 'you' are a 'father' - 'mother' - and also a 'son' - 'daughter' and so on - at 'root' - at the 'level' of 'one'. Not just the 'united in purpose' level which would still leave the door open for identification of 'two separate' people altogether (or three including the holy spirit) - - but at the undivided, unmanifested, uncreated, and self-existing 'level' of 'intelligence' that 'appears' and 'exists' through all of the eternally begetting each other 'forms' of 'identity' we, at one level, see as separate. Just something to think about...