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Psalm 110 and Disciplinary Result

The chapter heading for Psalm 110 in the LDS edition of the Bible reads: "A Messianic Psalm of David—Christ shall sit on the Lord’s right hand—He shall be a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek."

Read verses 1 and 4 (or the whole thing) here. Who is LORD? Who is Lord?

Half way through writing this, I left the house. I'm back now, so there's a total change of topic here:

I just got back from my disciplinary council. I'm on formal probation. I'm going to be reading the Book of Mormon as an assignment, hard copy, and blog about what I read, within the scope of these three questions.

1- Am I reading with real intent?
2- Likening it unto myself, not anyone else, but myself, what does it mean to me?
3- Why did the Lord inspire these prophets to write these things and have them delivered to me in this time?

I'll be reporting back here throughout the next 531 pages of my reading. (Plus chapter 12 from the Brigham Young manual somewhere in the midst of it.)


Prof. Wright said...

I'm curious -- what specific action/belief was given as the cause of your probation?

Jeff said...


I am told that my compass bearing is slightly off and that there are several things that are concerning to my leaders. The fact that I have written these things in a publically accessible place is what makes them more serious than just holding such beliefs, but the beliefs themself are also being considered. Some of the beliefs involved are: Support for removal of marriage from federal control (and thus support for legalized polygamy and legalized homosexual legal status equivalent to what a married hetero couple receives.) Teaching the other scriptural views of the identity of Jehovah which are interpreted as being in opposition to the document "The Living Christ." MMP - especially the idea that Jesus lived on a previous world as an ordinary man (capable of sin), making personal spiritual use of the practices taught to us in the Temple, displaying pictures of the temple apron and garments, having an altar in my living room (expressed as a concern "we're not comfortable with" but not really one of the direct reasons), the fact that I've speculated in public beyond what was actually written which may be "damaging to the kingdom instead of helping to build it up" and the perceived overall theme of my blog that the Church needs reform at some future point.

I obviously believe that many of these accusations are just aspects of having different points of view on the subject. There seems to be a strong implication that I have been preaching against Church leaders and doctrines, but I do not feel that I have ever preached against Church doctrines or spoken here in opposition to Church leaders. If anything, I've spoken in opposition to the complacency of the general membership of the Church.

This is the best I can explain the situation to you at this point. If there was a specific action or belief, it would be easy for it to be resolved, but I see it at this time as them desiring me to arrive at some transient goal that is not a particular accomplishment which could be set in stone at this time.

Steve said...

Just finding your blog. Interesting how some of your conclusions mirror my own. I think that Ps 110 is one of the best indications that Jesus is not Jehovah - in fact it is quite evident when you couple the verses with the explanation in the Bible Dictionary as to the ways in which the KJV translators expressed Jehovah as Lord or God in caps. Also D&C 109 is on point where Joseph addressed Heavenly Father as Jehovah 4 times, I believe. I'm sorry that as a Church we can't seem to make up our mind which member of the godhead is Jehovah, but there is ample evidence that Joseph, his brethren and earlier prophets and holy men considered Jesus as not Jehovah.

And that also goes for other doctrines which at one time were taught and now are anathema. I try not to accuse the brethren for sinning or leading the Saints astray. But changing doctrine makes me queasy and I do want to know the reasons for such. The same goes for changing ordinances.

Best of luck with your trials. I think that it's important that we remain committed to the truth and God, and not to any one man or group of men. Cursed are we if we lean upon the arm of flesh. The Lord wishes us all to become prophets in our own right and to have that kind of communications with Him.

As you are finding out a certain discretion is also important in dealing with others. Seems like Joseph found out early in his career as a prophet, that the people simply were not up to the task of receiving the truth which he was open to receiving. Even some of the General Authorities would turn against him when he revealed "too much". Thus he turned his efforts to working with a select group of men (Council of 50/Holy Order) who would accept of new doctrine and practices. Nothing new here.