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Disciplinary Council

There is a disciplinary council scheduled for me tomorrow evening. My bishop asked me to keep confidential some things (I'm a little vague on identifying precisely what, probably specifics of how things proceed until such time as they might become a faith promoting experience.) but I wanted to let everyone reading know that is why there are some changes in the blog here and the type of subjects I'm posting about.

The charge brought against me has been "behavior that is consistent with apostasy and is unbecoming a member of the Church and Melchizedek Priesthood Holder," and it has been a result, as far as I can tell, entirely derived from this very blog (and various other postings around the web.) The lesson? If you don't want to have a disciplinary council, don't write the things I've written. Let this be a learning experience.

I will try to share here as much of the upcoming events as possible without violating any confidence that has been made in me, because, upon much thought I believe these things should not be kept in the dark — I certainly did not realize how serious and drastic these things would crop up to be (or that they would crop up at all), and others could inadvertantly step into the same circumstances.

In my experience, the formal notice of a council always includes a quote from the Church Handbook of Instructions indicating that the purpose of Church Discipline is to "save the souls of the transgressors by helping them repent." That statement would seem to reflect the idea that anyone being put subject to Church Discipline has somehow trangressed the law.

I have not to my knowledge transgressed. So I looked up the word Transgression on wikipedia, and found this:
In Latter-day Saint theology, transgression is an action that breaks a law, with or without the perpetrator's understanding. A transgression is not necessarily a sin. (See full article.)

So I guess I don't need to be able to understand what I've done to be wrong, and it doesn't even need to be a sin, in order to be considered a transgression. After reading this, I realize I already knew it, as Adam's transgression was done in a state of innocence, without knowledge of good and evil. (Although, interestingly, He knew the commandment not to eat of the tree.)


Ryan Mercer said...

I'm behind you 110%... but you know that.

Ryan Mercer said...

Better yet, tell your Bishop he should make a call to the Indianapolis 1st and 4th wards about Ryan Carl Mercer... as he shares core beliefs with you that would probably require the same sort of... whatever you wish to call it as your circumstances are.

Jeff said...

Wow Ryan, I'm honored that you would lay your reputation and/or standing in the Church on the line for me. I don't know what to say.

I have a feeling there are plenty in the woodworks who believe the way I do (and I don't really recall writing a formulation anywhere of precisely HOW I believe, so a lot of assumptions are being made here around the board), but if everyone stepped forward and said what they believe, half the active members of the Church would probably end up on trial for something or another. The issue isn't belief although some may think my beliefs are invalid, but its that I would write publically about the things I believe in and my spiritual journey. Unfortunately, action to censor always creates more publicity, as a general rule of thumb, whether it is by the person being censored, or the people who notice it happening.

Ryan Mercer said...

Hrmm, this brings back memories. One trial while another is being faced... as then I'm still with you brother in what trials and tribulations life throws your way.