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On the Status of Others

Having a unique outlook on the Gospel (at least for this era in History) may lead to the question of what people of the "gnostic" mindframe consider of others with differing ideas.

As I understand, it is a calling, not like a church calling, but a calling to one's heart, which leads one to enter into the way, the quest for Truth, and to study the doctrines and the words of the Prophets of the Restoration. If you are called in such a manner, and you fail to respond, you may have a judgment upon you for it, but if you do not feel the call that is OK. As long as you live up to the best light you have, and live with faith, real intent, and acting no hypocrisy, you will stand blameless before God at the last day because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. That isn't to say that you won't be put through some mind-benders in the Spirit World before you arrive at the Great White Throne -- We all should expect a few shocks in the Spirit World, as Brigham said there is an eternity of cats that have not yet been let out of the bag.

This also applies to non-Mormons who are trying their best, and have a pure heart. I have often simplified it such: If you have the right heart and are willing to obey God's Word as it is made known to you (not a mental knowledge, but a deep testimony gained inside) then you have nothing to fear, and you are on the pathway to the Celestial Kingdom, whether you are Jew, Gentile, Christian, Mormon, Baptist, Pagan... If a Mormon does not have that heart, they are on the path to bondage (or, a lesser glory). This doesn't mean that Baptists receive Exaltation, for it is all a matter of heart, and if you follow the Spirit and act according to God's will you will end up converted into the correct "Church" either here, or in the hereafter, and only members of that true Church, the Church of the Lamb, will gain exaltation. I don't know how many Mormons today belong to the Church of the Lamb. Maybe a few, maybe a great multitude. Only God knows.

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