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A Just and Loving God

Doing some digging in the Journal of Discourses, I found something so close to the very line of thinking that made me give Mormonism a chance in my life, and was instrumental to my conversion, that I feel I could have said it myself (and I have said more or less the same to many people), JD Vol.26, p.313, Moses Thatcher, August 28, 1885:

If every human being who has, or ever will live is to be judged by the law of redemption as Christians believe, and there be no repentance beyond the grave, how then shall infants and heathens who never heard of Christ or his law be redeemed? To say nothing about the dead what is to become of the four hundred millions of Chinese now inhabiting the empire of China, who do not, and in all probability will not in this life, know anything about the Gospel? What about the two hundred and eighty million followers of Mohammed, who, like the Chinese, have never heard of water and spirit baptism? Then think of the billions who have died equally or more ignorant of these vital questions, and tell me that God intends to mix them up with infants a span long, who died without being sprinkled by some poor, narrow-minded priest without authority from heaven, and I will tell you that I don't worship that kind of a God. Christians may do so, and speak of him as bodiless and passionless; he certainly would have no passion either of justice or affection. The God we worship is full of compassion, justice and love. Hence the broad scope of His plan of human redemption, reaching the living and the dead, in time and in eternity. I can comprehend how a demon might want to consign to eternal punishment without a hearing, without law, His creatures, but how men can pretend to worship a God possessed of such attributes is a mystery.

This is why Mormonism is the only practical Christian religion, in my opinion. No where else within the vale of Christianity do I find a God who is truly Loving. It is either Mormonism or Nothing, and after some experience, I determined that Mormonism is the truth, but that is something that has to be learned by each of us through the Spirit. No other Christian religion has any ground to stand on if they cannot answer the simple dilemma put forth above in a satisfactory manner, and even if they were right, and their God would send millions to Hell for such a petty reason, I would gladly be thrust to hell with them than be eternally under such a monstrosity as they believe in.

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