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Theurgy and Theosis in Nauvoo Theology and Practice

Wikipedia says 'Theurgy is "describes the practice of rituals, sometimes seen as magical in nature, performed with the intention of invoking the action of God (or other personified supernatural power), especially with the goal of uniting with the divine, achieving theosis, and perfecting oneself."'

Aspects of Latter-day Saint practice seem to be theurgic both in the sense of invoking action of God (Priesthood ordinances, especially blessings), and in our idea of Exaltation:
[T]heosis, meaning divinization (or deification or, to become god), is the call to man to become holy and seek union with God, beginning in this life and later consummated in the resurrection. Theosis comprehends salvation from sin, is premised upon apostolic and early Christian understanding of the life of faith, and is conceptually foundational in both the East and the West.
From Wikipedia entry for "Theosis"

The True Order of Prayer taught in the Temple seems to be a theurgic and highly "magical" method where Latter-day Saints use keys to call upon God and invoke His action.

It goes beyond common prayer, beyond the use of mudras (hand positions) in connection with meditation, and sets out to achieve specific goals. I speculate that this is done by at least in part by tapping into powerful egregores ("the spirit of the thing", energy pools associated with a group of people performing a common action).

Verbal prayer is powerful because you are letting part of your soul "out" into the physical world. The implications? Apparently, you'd better set apart your sacred place properly before skipping ahead and embarking on the prayer, or else you should expect Satan to answer. This is evidenced by Joseph Smith's so-called "first prayer" which he made verbally in the sacred grove, and by Adam's prayer demonstrated in the Temple.

How old are the egregores associated with the True Order of Prayer? I proclaim they are at least as old as the Tabernacle of Moses, and probably originated on this earth from Adam himself. I can demonstrate accurate descriptions of all of these Signs in connection with the Mosaic Tabernacle by using the Torah and the Talmud, however I have not yet determined how to relate that information fully to others in an open way that would retain strict fidelity to the covenants and obligations I have made, so I cannot at this time and place explain the connections. If you believe me on this point, however, these egregores are probably older than the formation of this Earth, which means that tapping into their energy is probably more powerful than any other existent, except perhaps that of procreation. However, both of these energies (TOOP and procreative powers) have been shrouded in obscurity, lack of understanding, and/or misuse, and I wonder if that dilutes their effectiveness in any way?

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