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Mormon Kabbalah

The The Tree of Happiness, a Missionary "Flip-Chart" to help convert all your Mystic non-Mormon friends:

(You can buy this as a shirt)


Roy W. Wright said...

Er... seems kind of irreverent and hurtful. Would you really wear this?

Jeff said...

Roy: I'm curious which part seems irreverent and hurtful to you? Certainly the Kabbalah Tree of Life SHOULD match Mormonism in some way, as they are both representing similar ideas. I'm not saying this is the accurate interpretation but actually a lot of it is plausible -- the political parties are the only part I put in for laughs, where any type of earthly duality could be placed their just as adequately, perhaps Good and Evil.

The genuine missionary flip chart diagram of the plan of happiness is not very far off from this, really.

RocketJam said...

I like it!

Roy W. Wright said...

I was indeed referring to the political parties, and also the mention of monogomists. I suspected it might be a joke, but it would be an extremely counterproductive one if a non-member saw it.

Bored in Vernal said...

Hahaha! C'mon, let's laugh at ourselves once in a while. This is actually funny! Non-mormons might actually appreciate that we can see the humor in our culture.