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Will LDS flee GOP if Mitt gets shelled?

Salt Lake Tribune - Will LDS flee GOP if Mitt gets shelled?

Good article by the Salt Lake Tribune.


Roy W. Wright said...

I should hope that they'll flee politics in general, but that hope is in vain.

Jeff said...

I've been thinking about it, and I can't figure what they were trying to accomplish. The issue must have been divisive within the Church, and I read articles about the two Mormon suicides that happened in 2000 in relation to Proposition 22 in California, and I was thinking that there MUST have been some casualties in this one as well, whether temporal suicides or spiritual suicides. However, it seems that everyone knew this amendment would fail from the beginning, and that it was only a ploy for Bush to continue receiving support from the religious right. Maybe there's a deeper purpose behind the Church's action? Sending Elder Nelson to speak with the President and the press on the issue was an interesting and very forward move. Unfortunately this seems like it would purge more good people from out of the Church, and I wish they would do things to try to purge the other type out instead. :)

Connor Boyack said...

An interesting article indeed.. I wrote a post about this topic as well.