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Reversed Square

I was browsing the web and found this picture, excerpted from the May 1985 Sunstone:

This is interesting, because it shows the Square and Compass in an orientation matching their use on the garment, and also demonstrates the antiquity of that specific orientation, as opposed to the Allred Gravestone, which some fundamentalists use to claim that we have reversed the orientation of the square today:

You'll notice that the Spring City Endowment House was constructed in the same year that James Allred died, thereby making these contemporary examples of usage. However, the tabernacle is obviously a more "official" edifice than a grave marker. Also, the TLC fundamentalist group seems to infer these symbols stand for Liberty and Virtue, and while I agree that they could represent these words, I think that it is mostly wishful thinking, as the symbols are far more antique than the roman alphabet. However, symbolically, these words are reversed, as Liberty, or freedom, is a female or creative idea, which should be connected with the V-shaped symbol, whereas Virtue, or "the square of virtue" as Masonry calls it, is a measure of "right" or morality, and is better represented by the masculine L-shape.

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