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My Letter of Resignation

Jeffrey Ryan Day
Birthdate: May 24, 1981
473 NE Winchester St.
Roseburg, OR 97470

Bishop Denton W. Herlan
{address removed}
Roseburg, OR  97470

This letter is my formal resignation from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and it is effective immediately. I hereby withdraw my consent to being treated as a member and I withdraw my consent to being subject to LDS Church rules, policies, beliefs and 'discipline.' As I am no longer a member, you are hereby directed to immediately, permanently and completely remove my name from all records of the church.

I have given this matter considerable thought. I understand what you consider to be the 'seriousness' and the 'consequences' of my actions. I am aware that the Church Handbook of Instructions says that my resignation "cancels the effects of baptism and confirmation, withdraws the priesthood held by a male members and revokes temple blessings." I also understand that I will be "readmitted to the church by baptism only after a thorough interview."

I am not going to be dissuaded and I am not going to change my mind.  You will therefore waive the standard 30-day 'waiting period' in acting upon this direction.  I expect this matter to be handled promptly, with respect and with full confidentiality.  After today, the LDS Church or its representatives are not to contact me other than providing a single letter of confirmation to let me know that I am no longer listed as a member of the LDS Church. I am not interested in meeting with a representative of the LDS Church nor in receiving any counsel at all in regards to this matter, and I will not respond to any invitations for such.

It has come to my attention that a 'disciplinary council' has been scheduled for December 4, 2008 at 8:30 P.M., at which time the Stake Presidency plans to consider disciplinary action in regards to me. Immediately upon receiving this letter, I have withdrawn all consent, express or implied, to being treated as a member of the LDS Church, which includes disciplinary councils. I am aware of the case law pertaining to such attempts, and if any action is taken after the receipt of this letter to bring disciplinary action against me, I may be required to seek legal action and immediately contact the news media to publicize such action, regardless of any other directions which are found in the General Handbook of Instructions.

The reasons for my resignation are diverse and complex.  Almost all of them involve gradual changes which have crept into the Church.  I do not blame these changes on any one leader or person.  Some of them are a result of the LDS Church bending to the opinions popularized by conservative Christian denominations in order to gain acceptability and greater reception, some of them are the result of myriads of converts holding onto beliefs from their former faith without being given proper instruction, and some of them are more nefarious in their origin. My reasons can be divided into four major categories: 1) Systematic failure of the LDS Church to keep (or promote the keeping of) basic commandments; 2) Failure of the LDS Church to pass down all of the keys of the Temple Endowment; 3) Engagement in inappropriate political activity and unwise use of funds; and 4) Major idealogical changes.  I have included a more specific list of some of my concerns on the reverse side of this letter.  It was not any one of these things alone, but all of them together that led to my determination that the LDS Church is currently in a state of apostasy.  I could at least tolerate membership in a Church that is ashamed of its own God or its own History, but when coupled with a failure to "love thy neighbor," I see no positive benefit from my continued involvement in such a group, and this conclusion accounts for my recent actions intended to preserve the fulness of the Priesthood, unsullied, for future generations.


Jeffrey R. Day

cc. President Jon Hopkins, {address removed}, Roseburg, Oregon 97470.


I will make a follow up post with a transcription of the reverse side of the letter.

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