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Checking for the Countersign

Another little bit from my wife's GGGG Grandfather's journal. This one is fun:
A short distance from our camp stood a large tree. Here I was stationed with orders to let no one pass except he give the countersign. About 9 o'clock I heard two men approaching from toward camp. I knew by their voices it was our Prophet and his brother Hyrum. When they came in hearing distance, I hailed them, inquiring who they were. The answer was, "Friends." I bade them advance and give the countersign which they did over the muzzle of my rifle in true military style.

About two hours after this, I heard footsteps coming down the road. When in suitable distance, standing with my thumb on the cock of my rifle, muzzle of my rifle up, I called out, "Who comes there." All was silent; I stood there peering into the darkened road, expecting every instant to see the flare of some rifle. The sound began to move toward me. Then in a tone of authority, I ordered, "Halt!" Then I saw it was a cow. I stepped out of the road and let her pass without giving the countersign, thus giving the cow more leniency than I did the Prophet of God.


The Husband said...

Everything okay, Jeff? Haven't heard from you in a while...

Jeff said...


Thanks for your concern for me. I have been doing fine. I still feel a bit crippled as far as my freedom to blog is concerned. I've been posting comments on other blogs on occasion.

I have been making leaps and bounds of progress in my spiritual journey, but I do not feel disposed to share it publically so if you want to hold a dialogue with me please drop me a note by email and I would be delighted to discuss my recent thoughts.

John said...


I just responded to your most recent comment on my post. I was kind of surprised you thought I was shit disturbing again when my intent was actually entirely the opposite.


Brother John