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Fundamentalist Expose

Every once in a while we hear about a "fundamentalist" group making some bold moves. FLDS has a Temple in Eldorado Texas, for example. And Jim Harmston's TLC group in Manti had a lawsuit a while back with some wives seeking repayment of their tithes and conesecrated expenses.

I noticed a lack of information about these groups on the web, so...

I'm calling upon EX-fundamentalists from TLC, the Cutlerites, or FLDS, to individually write an exposé. In doing so, I am not encouraging anyone to expose anything that would violate any solemn obligation that you have taken, but I think it would be interesting and important for the practices of these groups to be documented before they may be stamped out entirely for legal issues, and this important cultural phenomenon be lost forever.

The most information I have managed to obtain, is that the TLC group uses a White Apron, with the All Seeing Eye on it, for their "Church of the Firstborn", in contrast to the green apron used by the LDS Church. I am interested in as much detail as possible, and I would like to hear it first hand, and if emailed to me, your contact information and identity will be kept confidential unless you specifically tell me that I may share it.

My interest in this is threefold: 1) I am interesting in simply preserving information about these movements for historical purposes. 2) I am particularly interested in earlier sects and their differences in ritual practice from more recent sects, and current LDS practice. 3) To understand the motivations and mindset of people who would implement such a rite, and compare and contrast with early Mormon thought as well as modern Mormonism.

So, to reiterate: I want a separate Cutlerite Temple Expose, a True and Living Church Manti Expose, and a Fundamentalist LDS (Warren Jeffs) expose at the very least, from whoever can provide them. OFFICIAL information from those groups would actually be preferrable to information from their dissenters - of course, I doubt they will offer it.

Information may be submitted to me at my email address in my blog profile, or as comments to this blog post.

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