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The Mormon Jesus is Created

And what of it? He was the Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh, and the first-born of the Father in the Spirit. The Mormon Jesus had a beginning as a personage. Yet, he also has existed eternally as "intelligence" or spiritual matter. His Spirit birth refers to his being organized by Father (and Mother, I presume), not his creation out of nothing. (For what can be created of nothing, but nothing?) The Jesus of the Christian World is an uncreated being, co-eternal with the Father. The Mormon Jesus is a created being, whose element is co-eternal with Father's own element, and your own spirit and body must necessarily follow the same pattern, if you ever expect to gain exaltation and partake along with Christ of the fullness of your inheritance from Father.


Anonymous said...

I'd say that is *a* Mormon belief but not necessarily *the* Mormon belief. For instance Blake Ostler and others have argued that Jesus and the Father and Holy Ghost have been divine and part of the Godhead from all eternity.

I don't think that is accurate (based on my reading of the revelations ad sermons of Jospeh) but it is within spectrum of legitimate Mormon thought.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Geoff makes a good point. You are using what seems to be a Orson Pratt-B. H. Roberts chimeric formulation. I'll stick with Joseph Smith on this one.

Becky said...

Why do you have to call him the "mormon Jesus!?" He's just Jesus..... As I've come to find many people think of him the same way we do.



p.s. I was raised L.D.S. and still believe although I may not be active.

Jeff said...

President Hinckley essentially said that we believe in a different Jesus. I also feel that a lot of evil has transpired in the name of the so-called "traditional" Jesus, and his identity has become muddled because of the Trinity. Therefore, I prefer to set apart my Jesus as distinct from "theirs," since his attributes and life is quite different.